domenica 28 ottobre 2012


The black man : I think that there is nothing more funny than arrive to a firend's house and find her dress like a chinese with an amazing kimono but naturally with a personal touch that are the Carrie Bradshaw's shoes..

The black man : Luckly in a few minutes she was looking for something more appropriate for a party
The black girl : ahahhahaah you are such a bastard , anyway I choose this asos's dress guys what do u think about it??
The black man : U know guys everytime that we have a party we prefer to drink before the party , I know it's strange but we think that the coolest thing is to arrive to a party already drunk and to be honest we don't need a lot to be drunk . Just a few drinks or better just a few glass of wine ahahahah

The black girl : unfortunately we totally forgot to shoot pics when we were there and I'm so sorry because it would be great to share some pics of the black man throwing up like a bitch
The black man : ahahahah anyway guys we are going to share our new post on wednesday and here it's halloween so be ready because we are going to do an amazing post ..


the black man : shirt diesel , trousers zara , shoes clarks
the black girl : dress asos , shoes cervela

giovedì 25 ottobre 2012


Memasquerate : Hy guys whats'up ?? Yesterday we have been invited at bulgari presentation of Isabella Rossellini bag. Moreover there were an amazing photographic exhibitionby Ciccone's collection.It has been an amazing evening so thank you very much to Bulgari to invited us .

The black man: jacket alcott , shirt montenapoleone , jeans zara , shoes clarks
The black girl : coat jil sander , dress brunello cuccinelli , pants top shop , schoes stine goya

lunedì 22 ottobre 2012

Art & Fashion

Memasquerate : Hy guys what's up !
Let's talke about Mark Jenkins.. All those installations are from the genius of Mark Jenkins who is an American Artist famous all over the world for his street installations.
In this work he decided to create an interaction between photography and installations, and we find a child giving a carrot to a fake horse and a woman with the face in the plate.

Memasquerate : And so we decided to interact with them ..

 The black girl : Isn't it funny??? 
 The black man : yaaa .. And this man is a painter so Mark Jenkins who is an artist created another artist .. Isn't it weird??

The black man : At the end because of our  narcissism we discover an amazing place to take some pics
The black girl : no guys because you narcissism , you always want to take pics ahahah
The black man : ahahah shut up hoe..


the black girl : jacket moncler, jersey zadig&voltaire, short levi's , boots ugg
the black man : trench coat sisley , sweater h&m , t-shirt asos, jeans wrangler, shoes zara

venerdì 19 ottobre 2012


Memasquerate : Hy guys , we were hangin out and we found this amazing place ..
the light was spectacular and grafitti on the wall were really inspiring
What do you think about the huge face ? I think it's really Memasquerate !

The black man : gilet tiver island , jacket river island , jeans levi's , shoes clarks,  nacklace memasquerate
The black girl : dress asos, coat jil sander , shoes stine goya

martedì 16 ottobre 2012


MEMASQUERATE: San Francesco with Santa Caterina Da Siena are the patrons of Italy , in particular San Francesco is really important for Italian's culture . The statue infact is dedicated to San Francesco by Giannino Castiglioni , it's set in front of Chiesa Francescana of Sant’Angelo..

The black man: In my point of view it's one of the most particular square in Milan ..
The black girl: Anyway what about you guys? what's up?


The black man : shirt mastai ferretti , jeans wrangler, shoes zara
The black girl : jacket levi's , jumper zara, dress asos, collant calzedonia , boots cindarella

sabato 13 ottobre 2012

Midnight in brera

Memasquerate : I think that Marc Jacobs is a genius of fashion I mean the best american's fashion designer .. Moreover is on the head of Louis Vuitton that is undoubtedly one of the most famous maison all over the world..

Memasquerate : Shoot pics late is really beautiful but I think that we are not going to do a lot of time because it's really difficult for the problems with the lights
 The black girl : Lomography is one of the places in Milan if you are looking a particular camera..

The black man : shirt gap , jeans levi's
The black girl : sewater zara , dress leborgabala , bag prada , collant calzedonia , boots ash