lunedì 22 ottobre 2012

Art & Fashion

Memasquerate : Hy guys what's up !
Let's talke about Mark Jenkins.. All those installations are from the genius of Mark Jenkins who is an American Artist famous all over the world for his street installations.
In this work he decided to create an interaction between photography and installations, and we find a child giving a carrot to a fake horse and a woman with the face in the plate.

Memasquerate : And so we decided to interact with them ..

 The black girl : Isn't it funny??? 
 The black man : yaaa .. And this man is a painter so Mark Jenkins who is an artist created another artist .. Isn't it weird??

The black man : At the end because of our  narcissism we discover an amazing place to take some pics
The black girl : no guys because you narcissism , you always want to take pics ahahah
The black man : ahahah shut up hoe..


the black girl : jacket moncler, jersey zadig&voltaire, short levi's , boots ugg
the black man : trench coat sisley , sweater h&m , t-shirt asos, jeans wrangler, shoes zara

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