mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

Third Dimension

Memasquerate: Hy guys what's up??
we have just seen Step Up 4 in 3D and we want to tell you a few things about it..

The black girl : Ok guys Step Up 4 was really really cool , I mean the plot line it's not really original BUT you really do have to go and see it because ...

imagine these abdominals in 3D yes guys imagine these abdominals in 3D...
White: ahahahahaahahah I totally agree they are something absolutly unspeakable..
The black man : Stupid stuff a part I want to tell you that it was really nice and they give as a gift to us these amazing 3D's glasses

White : Ok guys it's really funny that we are all pushing this movie but nobody is talking about the story , I mean the black bitch is talking abdominals and the black idiot is talking about 3D's glasses . It's kinda weird..
The black girl : ahahahhahaah the black bitch it's pretty funny ..
The black man : the black idiot it's kinda offensive .. You are always offensive ..
White : ahahah I was just kidding
The black man : ok I don't care .. I want to talk about something more intresting
I want to say a spacial happy birthday to Matt Bomer because he has just turned thirty-five
White: ooo happy birthday
The black girl : OMG he is really really cute I saw him in Magic Mike and he was fabulous..
White : I think he is gay ..
The black man : I think you are a PITA, you are so boring , you are always painyng in the ass
White : ahahahha ok I deserved it
The black girl: Ok guys now we gotta go because we are just arrived at Fox's Pub in which we are going to drink something

Memasquerate : Soo have a great night and a great day


White: jacket vintage store in camden town , dress les copains.
The black man : shirt zara.
The black girl : sweater osklen.

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