domenica 7 ottobre 2012


Memasquerate : Hy guys , what's up ??
We spend an amazing day today , it was a sunny day and in particoular we decided to spend our afternoon with our best friends ...




The black man : Oh my god you look so looser in the pic in front of cartier !
White : ahahahah what do u want ?? It was amazing cartier's window
Thw black girl : yesss love the nacklace ..
White : Guys please see this pic ..

White : Hahahahahaha do u feel cool ?Ahahah I'm fucking dying laughing
The black girl : don't be so bitch white..
The black man : I feel very awsome in that pic
White : do u ?
The black man : yes I do and shut up that u look like a pig
White : ... What a bastard you know that is my Achilles' Heel
The black man : what ?? I offended u as u did
White : ok but u know that I'm really sensitive about that
The black man : oooh I was just kidding u know that I think that you are very beautuful.
White : ...
The black girl : hahaha ur so stupid ..
The black man : stupid stuff a part I wanna tell you guys something really weird that happend today ..
We were doing the last pic

In front of a hotel In via della spiga nsure enough we were wearing our amazing masks and the uscher started staring at us in a very bad way and I mean what the hell do u want ?
So we tell him what was his problem and we explain him that we have just started a blog .
White : he start laugh but trust me in a very disgusting way because it was fat , ugly and above all rude
The black girl : And you know what have we done?
White : We started laugh, more than him and most of all in a chicer way . And at the end we  just go ..

Memasquerate : To finish this post we want to show you some purchases of the day !


the black man : shirt zara  , jeans levi's , shoes igi&co

the black girl : t-shirt blaenciaga , pants american apparel , sandal zara
white : blazer ter et bantine , long skirt asos, boots ash

14 commenti:

  1. ah ah ah your blog is really creative, love the pics with the masks i think that it was not so easy to make them


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  2. Beautiful outfits! You all look super cool. Following you from now on, I love your style:) OX

  3. thanks , you are really really nice and your stunning too! :D

  4. That looks like such a fun time! And I love the masks!

  5. thanks you so much! love your blog too :) xx

  6. Thanks Ema , Thanks Catarina vi AMO AMO AMO !

  7. Mysterious.


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